Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Do You Hear a Peeping Sound????

I awoke to the sound of a jet flying overhead. I thought, "I wonder if that's a FED EX plane carrying the precious cargo of my Libby Doodle Doo's referral. " That was the end of my slumbers. Did any of you hear a tiny peeping sound coming from the East?

So -- as predicted-- I'm up quite early this morning. Been up for over an hour now. Brushed my teeth. Made a pot of coffee. Put some dirty laundry in the washing machine. Threw out some recyclables. Changed the batteries in my camera. Such an ordinary beginning to such an extraordinary day!!

Zo Peep is sound asleep upstairs. She doesn't know it yet - - but I'm going to keep her home from kindergarten this morning . I talked to her teacher about my plan during my Parent-Teacher conference last night. Her words to me, "Of course, keep her home. By all means."

I want Zo Peep to be part of this first view of her little sister (or brother - Oh my). I want Zo Peep to greet the Fed Ex gal or guy and take this priceless package from him/her. When our hands have stopped shaking, I'm going to ask her to open the envelope for us and describe it to me. I'm planning to capture this all on video and in photographs.

Then when Zo Peep is through I want to read and re-read every element of Libby Doodle Doo's paperwork (won't take much time since it will mostly be in Chinese) and to examine every tiny nuance in the photos -- her clothing, her surroundings, her hands, her feet, her hair, her ears, her mouth, her nose and her eyes -- especially her eyes. I'll look for curiosity, mischief, intellect, or (I hope not) sadness. I'll stroke the photos and hope that on the other side of the world my little sleeping Libby will feel the first touch of her mama.

What an awesome day we're about to have.


Anonymous said...

Hey there, i'm in England at work just reading through peoples adoption blogs. Cant wait to hear your good news! Wishing you the best day ever, Helen xx

Gail said...

I'm off work today.
I will keep checking in for that special word....REFERRAL!!